Peggle 2 bounces to PlayStation 4 this fall

During Microsoft's E3 2013 presentation, PopCap took center stage to announce the sequel to one of its most popular titles, Peggle 2, will be headed exclusively to the Xbox platfrom. This left many without an Xbox console in their homes feeling extremely left out, but EA has announced PlayStation 4 owners will be able to get their Peggle on on October 14.

Peggle 2 on the PlayStation 4 is expected to play exactly how its Xbox One version does. Players will complete various stages through a combination of their pachinko skills and Peggle Masters unique abilities.

Even though PopCap said Peggle 2 was heading to Xbox platforms exclusively, EA later verified it was only a timed exclusive. Its upcoming release on the PlayStation 4 can be seen as a step in the right direction of a multi-platform release, although there's no word as to when we can expect Peggle 2 to be released on PC and mobile devices.