PlanetSide 2 August update deploys Valkyrie and squad mentorship Ribbons

Sony Online Entertainment has prepared PlanetSide 2's August update. While that may mean a few balance tweaks and some bug fixes, this month's update also introduces the long-awaited Valkyrie vehicle.

The developers go into full detail on the Valkyrie in a new 'making of' video, which can be seen below. It will act as a transport for up to six soldiers. It will have a front-facing turret, but will also have some openings for soldiers to freely fire at anything within their sights.

The dev team also packed this update with some of the mentorship ribbons and medals that had previously been discussed with Shacknews during our chat at SOE Live. For more on today's update, be sure to check out the PlanetSide 2 forums.