Titanfall update brings Pilot Skirmish mode

Titanfall has gotten a number of great updates since its release earlier this year, but the latest one, announced today on the official site, introduces a fun little feature. It’s practically taking away the Titans.

The mode is called Pilot Skirmish, and it’s a new featured game mode where you’ll battle in 8 vs. 8 fashion against other pilots, but without any Titans or AI soldiers getting in the way. In other words, all humans. In addition, the Marked For Death mode will be a permanent mode on all playlists, along with a specialized loadout that will be available each time you start it up.

Other additions include colorblind Titan supports (protanopia, deuteranopia and tritanopia), updates to Black Market Daily Deals, a new Roll the Dice burn card and optimizations to gameplay. 

A release date wasn't given for the update.