Grand Theft Auto 5 gets ten new Rockstar Verified Jobs

Rockstar Games has had no trouble adding fresh content to Grand Theft Auto 5's Online world, as it's already introduced a special flight school earlier in the month, giving would-be Mavericks their own opportunity to buzz the tower (or whatever other structure happens to be nearby). This week, it's continuing to add to the fun with ten new Rockstar Verified Jobs, available for download now.

The missions vary, offering a number of new racing events and battles, including That's What She Said (no, really, that's the name of the mission), as well as Code 13-91, Rebel Rodeo, Brand's Snatch, Hit the Apex and Tittie Twister, along with new capture maps like Hold: Operation Interrupt and Raid: Claustrophobia. You'll also be able to take on deathmatches like Urban Jungle and Rail Yard.

Rockstar has detailed each of these missions and maps over at the Rockstar Newswire, if you want to take a look.