Fez developer's site hit by DDoS attack

As if things weren't already heated enough for Polyton founder and Fez designer Phil Fish, a hack attack on both the publisher's official site and Twitter account may have just pushed him over the edge.

Both the Twitter account and the site came under attack Friday, with Fish saying that they've been "doxed," with various pieces of personal information, like passwords and banking information, being publicly revealed. Since then, the main site has gone into maintenance mode, and the Twitter account has been suspended.

It's been a rough weekend with hacks all around, with Sony's PlayStation Network, Microsoft's Xbox Live and even Depression Quest developer Zoe Quinn under DDoS style attacks.

But this one may have pushed Fish over the edge. He announced on his Twitter account, before shutting it down, that he was done. "I would like to announce that Polytron and the Fez IP are now for sale," he tweeted. "No reasonable offer will be turned down. I am done. I want out."