Fibbage tells a lie on Xbox One today

The makers of You Don't Know Jack know plenty about party games and now they're back for another round. Their latest game is about lies and the lying liars that tell them. The game is called Fibbage and it's available today on Xbox One.

Fibbage brings 2-8 players together to look into fun facts that are missing a word. The idea is to enter a plausible lie that will get mixed into a list of multiple choices with the actual correct answer. The person answering the question must plow through the lies and find the right answer. Fibbage's novelty is that the game's players all use their smartphone or tablet as the game's controller, meaning your Xbox One controller can take a breather. The game looks to carry the same atmosphere as You Don't Know Jack before it, right down to the fictional Cookie Masterson returning for hosting duties.

Fibbage is available now for $6.99 and can purchased from the Xbox Store. PlayStation owners will have to wait until early September, but that version will feature Cross-buy for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. For more, check out the trailer below.