The Walking Dead: Season 2 concludes next week

Have you been following Clementine's solo journey since it began late last year? One way or another, this chapter of her journey is about to come to an end. Telltale released the new trailer for the big finale of The Walking Dead: Season 2, along with release dates for each platform.

PC, Mac, PS3, and Vita owners will get their first crack at the season's final episode on Tuesday, August 26. Xbox 360 users (as well as PS3 and Vita owners in Europe) will get it the next day. Thursday will see the episode arrive on iOS. As with all the episodes that have come before it, it will run for $4.99 or as part of the game's season pass.

The full trailer is available below. Be warned! There are major spoilers for previous episodes and for the first season, so if you haven't played those and intend to do so, you are advised to shelve this trailer for now. If you do decide to watch... keep a tissue handy.