Cannon Brawl blasting onto PC on September 19

Ye olde war 'tis about to commence anew! The two-person development team at Turtle Sandbox is officially ready to release Cannon Brawl, a little over a year after it was first released on Steam Early Access. The 2D action RTS is now poised to release on September 19.

Cannon Brawl sees two sides duke it out with various RTS-style units, like pilots, airships, and war machines. Different cannons and towers will wreak havoc on the opposing side, as each player scrambles to raise enough resources to demolish the opponent. The game features a full 20-mission campaign, as well as local and online multiplayer.

For more on Cannon Brawl, you can check out the trailer below, as well as a more-recent video detailing the game's transition to beta. Those that would rather not wait for the full release can pick up the game in its current state on Steam Early Access.