Alone In the Dark and Haunted House being rebooted at Atari

Atari sure loves its reboots. Don't believe us? Well, the company is taking two titles that have previously undergone reboots, and is rebooting them…again. So, a reboot of a reboot

First up is Alone In the Dark. That series recently returned on Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii with a serious new game, but is now going through some retooling again over at the development studio at Pure, under the surname Illumination. It'll arrive on PC later this year.

Meanwhile, Haunted House, which also went through a revisioning for Xbox Live Arcade and Wii a few years ago, will make a return as well, with Dreamptainers taking care of development on that one. There's no word on what platforms that game will be on, but more information will be unveiled in a few days at PAX Prime, where Atari will have a huge showcase including both those games.