7 Days to Die update adds randomly-generated worlds

Though the survival game genre is quickly becoming crowded, The Fun Pimps have been finding ways to make 7 Days to Die stand out. After climbing to Steam's Top Sellers list over the past week, the indie studio is ready to release the game's biggest update so far, adding new randomly generated worlds filled.

The randomly generated maps will offer up large worlds with a large centralized city, a vast wilderness location, and all biome types. The world will be generated based on the name it is given.

Other updates include some new player conditions, including breaks and sprains, dysentery, drowning, concussions, and first aid kits. The art style is also getting a bit of an overhaul, with fog of war and waypoints also being added.

For the full list of additions, changes, and bug fixes, check out the 7 Days to Die blog post. 7 Days to Die is currently available on Steam Early Access.