Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions set to go 3D

At Gamescom, Activision announced another Geometry Wars game, called Dimensions. The new entry is being developed by Lucid Games, which features several members of the Bizarre Creations team that worked on the previous games. 

Today, the company revealed a first look at the game, which, for the first time, will be headed into the third dimension. Don't worry, though, its twin stick shooting aspirations will remain completely intact.

The game will feature 50 unique challenges across the single player campaign, along with ten battle modes, including five of which that are new to the series. That has us believing that a majority of modes introduced in Geometry Wars 2 will make a return here, although they weren't confirmed just yet.

In addition, competitive online multiplayer will make its debut in the series for the first time, along with cooperative multiplayer for those who prefer to work together. There will also be dynamic and persistent progression, aimed at making gameplay feel fresh each time you jump in.

More details on Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions should be revealed within the months ahead. The game is slated for a holiday release across numerous platforms.