Shadow Realms is the latest game from BioWare Austin

It's been rumored for some time now that BioWare was working on a new project alongside Electronic Arts, and through some very interesting, yet cryptic trailers, it's been hinting at them with the #YouveBeenChosen hashtag. Today, the veil has finally been lifted, and Shadow Realms is born.

The game, which is an action RPG that features online interaction, is a third-person combat game with strange shadow-like creatures that you'll have to go up against, as they invade your urban communities.

You'll have to contend with The Shadow Lord over the course of the game, which will unfold "like a great TV series," with episodes that can be experienced together with community.

The game will come to PC next year (no word on console release) and players that are interested in taking part can sign up for a beta over at the Shadow Realms website.