Street Fighter gets the Monopoly treatment

In a promotional tie-in to celebrate video game character Ryu's 50 th birthday, Funstock has announced a special edition Monopoly game based on the popular Street Fighter brand. The game is available now as a limited edition item, and comes with a variety of goodies that Street Fighter fans will love.

The Monopoly board is similar in structure, but now contains locations street from the Street Fighter games. You'll also collect Bison Dollars instead of real Monopoly money, and build Dojos instead of hotels.

The game features a number of random selected cards and collectible tokens featuring characters and icons from the game, including Vega's mask, the Hadouken fireball, Chun-Li's wrist cuff, M. Bison, Ryu and Blanka…who we clearly called dibs on.

The game is available for order now, and will set you back 29.99 in Euros. That's a small price to pay for Street Fighter love, right?