Key Battlefield 4 update due in September

It's hard to believe how many updates Battlefield 4 has gone through just to get it to run on the level DICE was expecting so long go. But fear not, fans of the first-person shooter, for you're just about near the finish line with this latest update.

Due in September, the next update, which will be free of charge, will focus on core gameplay improvements, according to the development. These include vehicular handling so it isn't so wobbly, as well as soldier movement that "closely matches the one in Battlefield 3, but without compromising the visual fidelity." These will allow you to escape "undesirable firefights" much easier. The HUD will also go through some tinkering as well.

DICE has laid out all of its update plans over at the Battlefield Blog, so give it a look.

No word on an exact date for the update, but, hey, at least it's coming.