Twitch to begin flagging for copyrighted music content

Twitch is making some noteworthy changes to some of their videos, some of which may irk more than a few content creators. One of the more eye-opening changes is that videos featuring third-party audio in the background will now be subject to flags for copyright infringement.

"Starting today, Twitch will be implementing technology intended to help broadcasters avoid the storage of videos containing unauthorized third-party audio," reads the Twitch blog post. "We respect the rights of copyright owners, and are voluntarily undertaking this effort to help protect both our broadcasters and copyright owners."

Those flagged for copyright will have their video clips muted for the duration of the infringed section. Anyone that has their content flagged can submit an appeal to Twitch.

Other changes coming to Twitch include a limit to stored 'Past Broadcast' clips. The 'Save Forever' option will be removed, meaning all clips must be saved as 'Highlights' in order to be stored permanently. However, the highlights can be only be saved at a maximum of two hours at a time. More information about this change can also be found on the Twitch blog.

It should be noted that these changes come in the wake of Twitch's rumored acquisition by Google. It's just a coincidence, of course, and I'm sure has nothing to do with people's fears becoming reality.