Borderlands series has shipped 18 million units

2K Games may be feeling down in the dumps with its first quarter loss reported for 2014, but that doesn't mean the company's losing out with its franchises. NBA 2K14 has proven to be the most successful sports game for the company to date; WWE 2K15 is picking up steam in terms of buzz; and then there's Borderlands, which is a completely different beast unto itself.

2K Games, talking with Joystiq, explained that the Borderlands series has managed to ship over 18 million units, an impressive feat for a franchise that just got its start a few years ago. Out of those, Borderlands 2 was the bigger title, with ten million units shipped. That's good news leading into the company's third release in the series, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, which arrives this October for PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360.

During the earnings call, Take-Two president Karl Slatoff boasted big confidence in the latest addition to the series. “We have a lot of faith in the Borderlands franchise,” he said on the earnings call. “There's still a huge install base of consumers; Borderlands is beloved .... We have very high hopes for The Pre-Sequel for current-gen platforms and PC, indeed. But it will be reliant on quality, and we expect to deliver a really high-quality game.”

Go, Handsome Jack, go.