Mortal Kombat X video explains Raiden's three fighting styles

Netherrealm Studios and its head honcho, Ed Boon, were ecstatic to reveal Raiden as Mortal Kombat X's latest character during last month's Evo tournament. And now that the storm has cleared, Boon is revealing some more details about the God of Thunder's different moves in a new video.

Just as with the other fighters on the roster, Raiden can choose from three distinctive fighting styles. 'Thunder God Raiden' will receive a boost to his lightning-based attacks to hit a little harder. 'Displacer Raiden' focuses more on his pesky teleport maneuvers, making him a difficult target to pin down. Finally, 'Storm Lord Raiden' focuses on lightning traps that will sucker in opponents and give them electric shocks whenever the traps are triggered. Regardless of which fighting style is selected, Raiden will use his trademark moves, such as his torpedo and electric grab.

The newest video also offers a quick peek at Kotal Khan, Shao Khan's successor and an all-new character to the Mortal Kombat series. Of course, for the purposes of this video, he's simply a tackling dummy. For more, check out the video below.