Neverwinter 'Tyranny of Dragons' video summons Scourge Warlock

Neverwinter's Tyranny of Dragons module is right around the corner, set to launch on Thursday, August 14. To get players ready for this new expansion, Cryptic and Perfect World are offering a glimpse at what the new content will offer with a new video.

The latest video reveals some more details about the Scourge Warlock, Neverwinter's newest playable class, which was revealed in early July. These characters utilize necromancer powers to wield dark magic, curse enemies, and summon souls to fight alongside them. It's a versatile class that can work as both a damage dealer and a support character.

Tyranny of Dragons will also debut other new features, including the new playable Dragonborn race, dragon encounters that act as both a random world event and as a tie-in to the new story content, and a whole new dungeon skirmish with random encounters. For more on Tyranny of Dragons, check out the video below.