Club Nintendo Rewards Revealed For August

The Club Nintendo program is a pretty good one, especially if you like cleaning up on digital game releases. Each month, Nintendo offers a variety of games that you can buy with virtual currency through the program, and this month, it's doubling up on selections that are available. You can earn coins by registering games with the program and completing surveys based on titles you've played.

Here's the full list of games you can get starting this week and running through September 7th.

Super Mario Bros. 2 (Wii U Virtual Console)- 200 coins

Excitebike (Wii U Virtual Console)- 200 coins

StarFox 64 (Wii Virtual Console)- 250 coins

Vegas Stakes (Wii Virtual Console)- 250 coins

Baseball (3DS Virtual Console)- 200 coins

Puzzle League Express (3DS eShop)- 200 coins

Mario Golf (3DS Virtual Console)- 200 coins

Dr. Mario Express (3DS eShop)- 200 coins