Toxikk is an old-school arena FPS from the makers of Neocron

The team at Reakktor (makers of 2002's Neocron) miss classic arena FPS games as they were once known. They miss the days when games like Unreal Tournament and Quake were king, before ideas like classes, perks, and progressive stats became standard. So the indie studio is looking to bring that era back with their modernized take on the classic genre known as Toxikk.

Toxikk is a PC-exclusive multiplayer fragfest, designed with eight-player maps and larger 16-player maps that contain vehicles. The game's XP system is purely for bragging rights, as each player is given a melee weapon and a pistol at the start of each life, with new weapons spread across the map for pickup. It's fully old-school in design, right down to the health packs.

Toxikk is expected to hit Steam Early Access later this year, with early adopters getting full access to the game's SDK to help get the ball rolling on user-generated content. For more details, check out the game's store and watch the trailer below.