The Crew's creative director discusses instanced multiplayer and customization

The Shacknews video crew spent last week in New York City getting their hands on a number of upcoming games from Ubisoft. Among them was Ivory Tower's The Crew and our own Steven Wong had a chance to speak to Creative Director Julian Gerighty about the MMO racer.

The topics discussed include the explorable United States landscape, the vast customization options, the RPG-like progression system, and the different game types featured. Gerighty also talked about one of The Crew's major drawing points, which is the ability to join friends for instanced multiplayer events.

"In an instanced event, you're going to have a maximum of eight players, but what's really interesting is the free ride aspect, which is maybe 80% of your total experience when you're going to be driving around in the game," said Gerigthy. "The bubble around you is going to keep refreshing the different players, so you're going to be driving on a highway and the bubble around you will re-create a session every few hundred meters or so, so you'll have this impression of being in a completely living world."

The Crew promises to be a massive experience, with Gerighty stating that their version of New York is comparable in size to Grand Theft Auto IV's Liberty City. Check out the full interview below.

The Crew rides out on November 11 on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.