Thief: Deadly Shadows mod removes mid-mission loading

Thief: Deadly Shadows (a.k.a. Thief 3) suffered from a few fundamental problems when it first released back in 2004. Among them were some pesky loading issues, but worry about that no more! A new mod called Thief 3 Gold addresses these annoying quirks, making for a much smoother Thief experience.

Our friends at Rock Paper Shotgun came across this mod, which removes all of Deadly Shadows' loading zones and blue fog instances across the main nine missions, with only the tutorial left to go. It also improves AI pathfinding, reduces ambient fog, and tweaks the Widow Moira mission on Expert.

This won't be the end for the Thief 3 Gold mod, as the mod creators will seek to tweak the game's tutorials, fix remaining bugs, and insert volunteer-drawn maps. They'll also seek to integrate it with the fan-made Sneaky Upgrade patch, which fixes several lingering bugs and gives the game widescreen support.

Those interested in checking out the Thief 3 Gold mod can read more about it here.