Shadowgate trailer tells the story of Talimar the Black

Developer Zojoi is preparing to revive the long-dormant Shadowgate series, with the original creators at the forefront. With the Kickstarter-backed Shadowgate revival set to hit PC and Mac on August 21, the studio is seeking to dive into more of the game's story with a new trailer.

The latest video tells the story of Talimar the Black, explaining how his villainy came to be and how he wound up at Castle Shadowgate. This, of course, leads into the main story centering around the unnamed main character venturing into the evil castle to stop Talimar before it's too late. The tale is all told through the hand-painted art style that will be utilized throughout the new Shadowgate reboot. However, players will also have the option to switch to classic visuals, should this new visual style not be to their liking.

Check out the new trailer below and be sure to check out our preview.