Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age transferred to Crytek Frankfurt

The bad news contiunes to pile up for any and all things related to Crytek. That includes the recently-established Austin branch, which first opened in 2013 from the remnants of defunct Darksiders developer Vigil. In the wake of Homefront: The Revolution rights bring transferred to Deep Silver, Hunt: Horros of the Gilded Age is undergoing a similar transition to Crytek Frankfurt, with the Austin studio suffering massive layoffs, as a result.

The report comes courtesy of Gamasutra. Hunt was originally set to be Crytek USA's debut effort. Austin studio employees are being encouraged to re-apply for jobs with Crytek Frankfurt, though Kotaku added that a number of key developers at the studio have already departed after Crytek had failed to pay them.

This news comes days after Crytek announced that they would be focusing on free-to-play titles, with Hunt among the games that survived a wave of cancellations.

Thanks to Chatty's drhazard for the tip.