Tropico 5's first DLC is all about the cheddar

A new piece of downloadable content for Tropico 5 focuses on that classic aspect of brutal dictatorships: cheese production.

"The Big Cheese" DLC is $3.99, or included for free for those who pre-purchased on Steam. It focuses on El Presidente's desire to make his own artisan cheese factory, and introduces a new production chain centered on a Creamery that puts the island's goats and llamas to work. Other countries will be attempting to out-cheese you. The pack includes a new map and task, a new scenario with voiceovers, buildings, an chef's hat accessory, and a music track.

The DLC comes alongside update 1.04. It adds a beta for multiplayer game saves along with various fixes and gameplay balance changes. You can check out the full 1.04 changelog at the official site.