Kerbal Space Program's 'First Contract' update now available

Space exploration is every bit as thrilling as it is vital, simultaneously giving humanity a glimpse into our origins and into our future. However, launching a space program certainly isn't cheap. With that in mind, developer Squad is infusing economics into the Kerbal Space Program with the new First Contract update.

Players can now manage contracts and funds in KSP's Career Mode. In fact, the new in-game currency is literally called 'Funds,' which can be used to purchase parts for spacecraft. A new Reputation system will also be put into place, based on successful expeditions and how many Kerbals are brought back alive.

Reputation can be earned by completing a variety of different mission types, such as performing tests, bringing back scientific data, rescuing stranded Kerbals, planting the Agency's flag on designated locations, and simply exploring uncharted areas. These Contracts can be found in the game's Mission Control building.

The Kerbal Space Program 'First Contract' update is now available. More information about the update can be found here. The game is currently available through Steam Early Access.