PSA: Assassin's Creed Pirates free on iOS this week

Ubisoft's recent mobile venture into the Assassin's Creed world, Assassin's Creed Pirates, may not have quite resonated with us when it first released in December. But it's hard to argue with free stuff, so it should be noted that the publisher is currently offering the mobile pirate adventure for free on iOS for the rest of the week.

AC Pirates is currently being featured as a featured free app in the App Store and will come with the game's fourth update. According to Game Informer, the new update contains all-new missions set in La Isla de la Juventud, ship customization options, and a daily reward system.

Those looking to take advantage of this free offer can find Assassin's Creed Pirates on the App Store. Sorry, Android users, but it'll still be $5 on the Google Play store.