Team Fortress 2 opens Early Access beta maps with new game mode

Valve is aiming to keep Team Fortress 2 going with new content, but not everything is quite ready for public consumption. So they're enlisting the help of their loyal player base to help test out new areas through an Early Access program for maps currently in beta. And while the standard game modes will be present, some new ones are apparently popping up, as well.

PC Gamer was the first to spot a brand new Robot Destruction mode in one of TF2's beta maps. The game mode sees the two teams of mercenaries infiltrating each other's bases to take down any machines lurking inside. The machines are defenseless (unlike Mann vs. Machine) and will run on sight, often taking pursuers into the path of opposing players. Robot Destruction can be found in the game's Asteroid map, which takes the mercs into space for the first time. The other beta map currently in rotation is a Payload map called Cactus Canyon.

Valve notes that players can mess around with the new beta maps by checking off the 'Play Beta Maps' option before entering multiplayer. Users can send feedback about the new content to Valve, indicating that anything you see is definitely not final. Those that run servers (like Chatty's own hirez) can also set their servers to host beta maps, so that they can try them out within their close circle of friends.