Report: Samsung VR headset leaked

As if the virtual reality war wasn't heating up enough between Sony's Project Morpheus and Oculus' Facebook-funded VR, some information has leaked about Samsung's entry in the market. For fans of the Virtual Boy, it's bound to look awfully familiar…

The information, leaked by SamMobile, indicates that the Samsung VR kit is actually a simple little headset that comfortably straps to anyone's sized head, and has interaction with a touch pad that appears to be on the right hand side of the unit. However, you may notice the color of the unit, as it's almost exactly the same shade of the bright red Virtual Boy unit that Nintendo introduced years ago. Only without the bulky controller and the annoying stand, of course.

The company reportedly intends to show off the Gear VR unit, as it's called at the moment, this September during the IFA 2014 trade show, complete with demos that show just what it's capable of.