Oculus VR acquires and open sources Raknet

The folks at Oculus continue their efforts to create an optimal gaming experience. So to that end, the company has announced the acquisition of C++ game networking engine RakNet. For those that own an Oculus Rift VR dev kit, they'll now be able to utilize the RakNet open source.

"We've known Kevin Jenkins, founder of Jenkins Software and lead engineer on RakNet, for years, and we've used RakNet internally at Oculus for various networked systems and tools," states the announcement post. "After working with Kevin for a few months, we were all excited by the idea of open-sourcing RakNet to the community."

The Jenkins Software-created RakNet has been utilized by a large number of game developers across all major gaming platforms, including Mojang and Sony Online Entertainment. It's used for such features as secure connections, real-time SQL logs, and object replication. The RakNet open source files have previously been made available to all games grossing under $100,000, to assist low-income indie developers. Those looking to use RakNet tech for their Oculus Rift projects can now find the open source code here, under the same modified BSD license currently by Facebook for their open source projects.