Bravely Default getting lengthy demo in Japan

Let it never be said that Square Enix isn't trying new things. The company has announced that it will be releasing a demo for Bravely Default in Japan that gives access to a huge chunk of the game.

The Japanese site (via Joystiq) states that on July 28, a demo will release that lets players run through the first four chapters. It lacks the voice acting, but players can upgrade to the full version with voice acting for about 2,000 yen (approximately ($20). Another version with English audio will be available on August 7 for 2,500 yen (approximately $25).

The first four chapters ostensibly cover the first half of the game, but the structure of Bravely Default means it's functionally a much larger portion than that. Square may be banking on the story pulling players through the rest of the way, or possibly just experimenting with a free-to-play-like model in one of its established games. No word on whether this demo will be released in other territories.