Far Cry 4 gets 'Kyrat' limited edition for $130

By now, you've probably sensed our excitement for Ubisoft's Far Cry 4, partly due to the promise of riding around on a rampaging elephant. Today Ubisoft revealed details on a limited Kyrat edition of the game, which includes some very curious content.

The package, which will go for $129.99 and be available for all platforms, includes a copy of the game, along with a collector's box, a travel journal, a delightful little propaganda poster, and a 7.9" Pagan Min figurine, with him perched a throne that appears to be made out of an elephant. In addition, the package will come with Hurk's Redemption: Limited Edition DLC, which features the side character fighting his way through three new single-player missions, with access to a new harpoon gun. Ubisoft hasn't detailed if the content will be for sale separately.

Far Cry 4 drops into stores on November 18th for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.