Killing Floor reaches the 'End of the Line' with new update

Tripwire Interactive is well into development for next year's Killing Floor 2. But the studio hasn't forgotten the first Killing Floor and is planning a substantial update for later today. The End of the Line update will include a couple of paid DLC packs, as well as a new map pack that will be free for all players.

The Developer's Map Pack will add in two new Wave Mode maps, the medieval castle-based "Stronghold" and the abandoned snowy town of "Siren's Belch." It will also throw in the objective map "Transit," which will bring the horror action to an underground subway area.

Paid content will include new Neon Characters and Neon Weapons packs, which will decorate some of the game's weapons and characters in keen Tron-like colors.

The End of the Line update will be ready for all players before the end of Wednesday. For those that have not gotten into the Killing Floor phenomenon, the game will be available for $4.99 on Steam through July 15.