Lindsay Lohan suing Rockstar Games over GTA5 likeness

Lindsay Lohan, taking a break from unleashing mayhem across Los Angeles, finally made good on her promise to file a lawsuit against Rockstar Games this morning. Lohan filed the suit in court, stating that the Grand Theft Auto 5 character Lacey Jones is an "unequivocal" reference to Lohan, including her image, voice and style from her clothing line.

The lawsuit, filed in New York (where Rockstar is located), also makes mention of the West Hollywood Chateau Marmont, which is also unofficially featured in the game. Lohan states that this is a hotel she's stayed in, but honestly, so have a lot of Hollywood stars.

Rockstar hasn't issued a comment on the lawsuit just yet, but it'll be interesting to see where things go. We'd think that Lohan would have more in common with Trevor, considering all the trouble she's gotten in over the past few years.