The Witcher Battle Arena takes MOBA skirmishes mobile

The MOBA genre continues to be the new hotness in video games and an unlikely entrant has ventured into the battle arena. CD Projekt RED and Fuero Games have brought The Witcher into the MOBA space with a new free-to-play entry called The Witcher Battle Arena.

The Witcher Battle Arena is being designed to suit touch controls, with a customized UI and interface that fit mobile devices. Players will select recognizable names from the Witcher universe, after which teams of three will fight to capture and hold three points against bots or other humans. A character progression system will be in place, as well as an item configuration system.

Not many more concrete details are offered, aside from the studio's commitment towards steering away from the "pay-to-win" model by offering all unlocks through in-game progression. The Witcher Battle Arena is expected to launch in Q4 2014 on iOS, with Android and Windows Phone versions also planned. The game's first teaser can be seen below.