Escape Dead Island takes a new survival horror approach

When someone talks about the Dead Island games, usually the first thing a player thinks is, "Oh, boy, I get to smack around a zombie with a crowbar!" However, Deep Silver will change this up a bit this fall with the release of Escape Dead Island, a game that will focus more on a genuine survival horror approach, rather than smacking the members of the undead into the middle of next Tuesday.

The game, which follows the events of the original Dead island, focuses on Cliff Calo, son of a wealthy mogul who's got something to prove to himself. He arrives vulnerable and weaponless at the start of the game. That means getting around zombies rather than going head-to-head with them. That's not to say that your character is completely defenseless, as they can sparingly use weapons to silently take out anything that gets in the way. However, if you end up surrounded, well, you've had it.

Escape Dead Island, written by Anne Toole and developed by Swedish studio Fatshark, will also have a distinct art style that's very different from the typical game world, with a cel-shaded comic book-style approach that stands out from the usual 3D antics we've come to expect from the series.

In addition, those who purchase the game from Gamestop will have access to a beta for Dead Island 2, which is set to launch this year. Escape Dead Island will arrive this fall for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for $39.99. Will you check it out even if it doesn't have the usual zombie-bashing tactics?