QuakeCon tournaments up for $40,000 pool

QuakeCon is right around the corner, and today Bethesda announced its sponsored Quake Live tournaments. The tournament pool totals more than $40,000, which the company boasts is the largest purse in the history of the conference. Players will compete in three events.

The Intel Quake Live Duel Masters Invitational Championship will feature 32 pro and top Quake Live players, selected by the tournament staff. They'll each face off in 1-vs-1 matches in a single elimination bracket, with each match played as best-of-five. $9,000 will go to the winner, but the total prize pool for all the competitors in that tournament will be $20,000.

The Seasonic Quake Live Duel Open will support up to 64 amateur players, offering a smaller purse of $1,000 for the champion and another $1,000 spread among the runners-up. This one will be similar to the championship, but in a best-of-three format.

Finally, the PCPartPicker Quake Live Capture the Flag Open will be a 4-vs-4 competition for up to 16 teams, in a double-elimination bracket based on best-of-three. The winning team will get $8,000 of a $20,000 total purse, and the top two teams will battle for an additional $2,000.

Registration for the two open events will be on a first-come, first-served basis. You'll have to show up at the tournament area starting at 10 AM CT on Thursday, July 17 to sign up. You can find full rules at the official site.