H-Hour: World's Elite video shows Unreal Engine 4-powered environments

It's been a productive month for the folks at Special Operations Forces Studios. The group of former Zipper Interactive developers have made their pitches to potential publishers at E3 for their spiritual follow-up to SOCOM known as H-Hour: World's Elite. They also made the switch to Unreal Engine 4 and are showing off the game's current look with a new video.

A brief demo flying over one of the game's church settings shows the change from the game's initial Unreal Engine 3 to the newer Unreal Engine 4, revealing smoother textures and enhanced lighting and glare effects.

H-Hour: World's Elite remains early in development, but the Kickstarter success story is moving forward, with SOF Studios set to receive PS4 dev kits very soon. H-Hour is also set to release on PC.