Cow Simulator 2014 is a modding playground for the Divinity: Original Sin engine

Larian Studios is ready to bring their long-awaited Kickstarter-backed RPG Divinity: Original Sin out of Steam Early Access next week. That means players will also get to witness the Divinity Engine in action. In hopes that developers will find a widespread use for the engine, the studio is offering a playground for users to practice modding. That playground is Cow Simulator 2014.

Cow Simulator 2014 is an example mod built with the Divinity Engine Toolkit assets. Users can modify the farmland environment to create entire gaming experiences from the ground-up, including single and multiplayer adventures, dialogue branches, and AI behaviors.

Those that have already purchsed Divinity: Original Sin on Steam Early Access can access their Cow Simulator 2014 by selecting 'Library' and 'Tools' to open the Divinity Engine Toolkit. Cow Simulator 2014 is available within that program, so that creators can begin messing with the world and exporting their work to Steam Workshop.

For examples of what can be done with Cow Simulator 2014, check out the video below.