The Rhythm of Fighters dances onto iOS and Android today

A good fighting game is like watching a beautiful art unfold. To perform combos, one must be in a good groove and feel the rhythm. SNK is taking that idea and going a lot farther with it in a new iOS/Android adaptation of its King of Fighters franchise, called The Rhythm of Fighters.

SNK had previously trademarked the name earlier this year, indicating a pretty quick turnaround in development. The Rhythm of Fighters takes the classic King of Fighters roster and places them in a rhythm-based environment. Players select different music tracks and perform tapping, swiping, and dragging based combos to the beat in order to perform combos and defeat opponents. The 30 available tracks include classic tunes from the SNK backlog, such as Metal Slug 2 and Fatal Fury. The full setlist can be heard on this YouTube playlist.

The Rhythm of Fighters is available now on the App Store and Google Play store for 99 cents, with track bundles available for $1.99 each. For an idea of how to play the game or what it even looks like, check out the instructional trailer below.