StarCraft's Zagara joins Heroes of the Storm [Update]

Update: The Technical Alpha's latest patch notes have been included and can be found here.

Original story: Heroes of the Storm has seen an ample number of Warcraft representation in recent weeks. Now it's time to get some more StarCraft characters into the Blizzard MOBA. More specifically, the Technical Alpha's next update will throw in more Zerg in the form of StarCraft 2's Zagara.

Zagara takes on a Specialist role, using her Zerg abilities to infest lanes with minions. In particular, the 'Baneling Barrage' ability will launch exploding Banelings at foes, while 'Hunter Killer' will target a foe with a Hunter Killer Hydralisk and 'Infested Drop' will fill a surrounding area with Roachlings.

Zagara's Hero Abilities include the 'Nydus Network,' which allows her to place Nydus Worms around the map and use them for fast travel. The 'Devouring Maw' Hero Ability will call a giant Maw to take out any surrounding foes in short order.

For more on Zagara, including some keen alternate skins, check out her Heroes of the Storm blog entry. Also, check out the trailer below.