Blue Estate launches today on PS4 with ultraviolent trailer

Creator Viktor Kalvachev's Blue Estate is all set to make its debut today. The HESAW and Focus Home Interactive-helmed rail shooter based on Kalvachev's comic book of the game of the same name is out now on PS4 and is commemorating the occasion with a new launch trailer.

Blue Estate centers around would-be criminal empire heir Tony Luciano and his clean-up man Clarence. Players can take control of either character or join up with a friend for co-op action. The game takes advantage of the DualShock 4 gyroscope to create a full-blown rail shooting experience across a violent (yet somewhat comedic) world filled with dangerous gangsters.

The full launch trailer can be seen below. Blue Estate is available for $19.99, with PlayStation Plus members getting 20% off. If that proposition sounds a little risky, a free demo is also available.

Blue Estate is also coming soon to Xbox One, which will release as a Kinect title.