Titanfall fourth update detailed

The folks at Respawn Entertainment teased a new update for Titanfall during E3, detailing some new game modes. Today, they've gone into more details on what the update will contain, detailing its features and its list of bug fixes and balances changes.

Featured Game Modes will be included in the latest update, which will introduce new game types for a limited time. Marked for Death will be the first mode to debut, which will act as Titanfall's answer to VIP mode. Following that, the featured mode will be Wingman Last Titan Standing, which will pit teams of two against each other.

The update will also allow players to customize their Titans with new insignias. These are unlocked by completing challenges and can then be used to decorate your Titan shell.

The long list of improvements spans from 14 additional burn cards, to matchmaking updates, to new assets. To see the full list of additions, bug fixes, and balance tweaks, check out the Titanfall blog. There is currently no deployment date for the fourth update, but Respawn says it is "coming soon."

Thanks to poster Wadmaasi for the tip.