Resogun: Heroes DLC adds two new game modes today

The wait is over for Resogun's first expansion. Housemarque has released the first main add-on to their bullet hell shooter, titled Resogun: Heroes. The game will toss in two whole new game modes, along with some additional features that will look to supplement the game's most recent free update.

Heroes introduces the world of Avernus, a new location filled with enemies currently on the run from the original "Save the last humans" campaign. It's also filled with new enemy types and acts as the main setting for the new Survival and Demolition game modes.

Survival challenges players to rack up the highest score possible with only a single life. To compensate for this short lifespan, Humans will swoop in at a more frequent rate and offer more power-ups.

Demolition, meanwhile, will only arm ships with a single proximity bomb that recharges after use and literally nothing else. There's also a Wrecking Ball on the map that gets affected by the blast radius, meaning it can take out any enemies in its trajectory, though it can also wreck your own ship, too.

"The Wrecking Ball powers up after destroying 1000 enemies," producer Ian Pickles told PlayStation.Blog. "What's more, power ups will provide you with multiple wrecking balls and instant bomb recharges. It's a risk and reward strategy where more Wrecking Balls equals more carnage — while posing far more danger to your small and vulnerable ship."

Heroes is available for $4.99, while Resogun's season pass will run for $7.99 and include future expansions. Check out the trailer below for more.