Final Fantasy Explorers trademarked for US

Final Fantasy Explorers, the 3DS spin-off that seems to be aimed straight at Capcom's Monster Hunter series, may be coming west. It had previously been shown in Japanese magazines even amid the hustle and bustle of E3, which made a western release seem unlikely or at least undecided. Now Square has trademarked the name for the United States and Europe.

Nintendo Everything (via GameSpot) reports that the trademark was filed on June 17, shortly after it was announced for Japan.

As previously reported, Explorers is a multiplayer game in which party members will choose from a variety of Final Fantasy classes. It will have 20 jobs in all, and so far we know of 11. The job system will let you equip abilities from a class once you've earned it, but it will cost less if you remain in the base class that supports it.