Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare director discusses PC version

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare is slated to spread its seed of combat onto PC next week. Just ahead of that release, Popcap is taking a moment to go into more detail about the PC version, including its new timed-exclusive map, Jewel Junction.

Jewel Junction adds an Old West theme to the proceedings, centering around Zomboss's mining operation. While both teams will still be looking to beat each other down with their arsenal of weapons, the map will also feature its own set of dangers. More specifically, a train will be running constantly and mowing down anything in its way.

"It's not a port," assures creative director Justin Wiebe in the video below. "We have so many hardcore PC gamers on our team that live and breathe PC. So everything from our UI to how the mouse-driven controls are going to work, everything has been looked at from a PC gamer's P.O.V."

But while controls have been optimized for traditional mouse and keyboard users, Wiebe adds that controller options will remain intact. For more on the upcoming Garden Warfare PC version, check out the video below.