Final Fantasy 8 update adds High Speed Mode and Game Boosters

Final Fantasy VIII is considered a classic by long-time followers of the series. However, one of the last things any of them may have expected was for the game to receive a bonafide update. But Square Enix has pulled the curtain back on some new additions for the PC version of the game, including a new High Speed Mode and Game Booster features.

High Speed Mode allows players to speed up all aspects of the game, including battles and select cutscenes, to help save players time on a fairly lengthy campaign. Users can set their FFWD speed to up to 5x using this setting, with speeds varying on certain cinematics. However, Square Enix warns that some PC setups may not be able to handle the increased speed and advises users to avoid High Speed Mode if their game begins to crash.

Other 'Game Boosters' tied to the F1-F5 keys will help make the game a little easier for anyone having trouble. These include Battle Assistance modifiers, 9999 attacks, AP Max, and Magic and Gil MAX boosters.

The 18MB patch is available now. For those that have yet to pick up Final Fantasy VIII, it's currently one of the many titles featured in the Steam Summer Sale, currently running for 40% off its normal price.