Origin debuts 'Game Time' with Titanfall

EA is kicking off a new Origin program that gives players limited time with a full game. It's called Game Time, and sets a clock that lets you play any mode and achieve any level of progress you want for as long as you have time remaining. It's debuting the initiative with a free weekend for Titanfall on PC.

Titanfall will be available for 48 hours, and the clock will start ticking in real-time as soon as you start the game. It will also be saving your progress, so if you want to pick up the full game afterwards you won't have to retread old ground.

EA notes that each Game Time offering will be different, with its own set playtime on the clock. A shorter game, for obvious reasons, wouldn't last 48 hours. Titanfall will appear on Origin's free games page when it's available in your region, so if it's not there yet just check back.