Minimum adding Team Death Match

Arenas tend to get a bit cramped when large titans are blasting away at each other with powerful weapons. Minimum is going to fix that problem with a new update that adds some new game modes to the action. Among the features making its way to Atari and Human Head's Early Access arena game is a new Team Death Match mode that leaves the giant robots back at the scrapyard.

Team Death Match allow minimalist infantry to go mano-a-mano without the spectre of giant titans looming overhead, while retaining the game's sense of customization. Two new maps that will support this game mode include the Space Station Map, which features low gravity zones and force fields, and the Courtyard Map, which contains longer sight-line areas and additional cover areas.

The new Minimum update will also include an overhauled Disaster Zone map (re-designed based on player feedback), new armor sets, and balance tweaks. It's expected to go live shortly. Those interested in trying the Early Access build out can pick it up for half-off during this year's Steam Summer Sale.