Team Fortress 2 Love & War update goes live with bread-based weaponry

We already got a taste of love with Team Fortress 2's sneak peek at the Love & War update. But now it's time for violence, now that the update has officially gone live. Players can now log into TF2 to grab some new cosmetic hats and taunts, along with some new weapons and bread-based collectibles.

New weapons for the Love & War update include a new Back Scatter scattergun for the Scout, Tide Turner shield for the Demoman, Air Strike rocket launcher and B.A.S.E. Jumper parachute for the Soldier (the latter of which was previously teased in a past blog post), and a Classic sniper rifle for the Sniper.

Players will also have until July 9 to craft a special Bread Box item that will contain some palette swaps for classic TF2 weapons. The new items are based on the Expiration Date short film from earlier this week, meaning you can now arm yourself with tumor-filled bread.

The full list of changes can be found here and even if the new weapons aren't necessarily your bag, there are still some major tweaks to some stalwart weapons (like the Pyro's Axtinguisher and Sniper's Bushwacka) that may turn more than a few heads.